OPC has a partnership with Oakmont Performing Arts Boosters (OPAB) on a continuous Bingo fundraiser.  There are two ways to get involved - volunteering and/or playing!

How does helping with our OPC Bingo Fundraising program help you & your football player?  By particpating in this fundraiser, you help earn money towards your player's football expenses (uniforms, practice jerseys, sports camps, etc).  Currently, you will earn $35 per shift, which  will be kept in an account in your child's name.  There are several different positions available each week.  It is an easy and fun way to help offset the cost of football. Your participation also brings money into the OTC program, which in turn, gives money back to our OHS Football Program to help with the upkeep of our football stadium, purchase of new equipment, clean and repair of existing equipment, provide scholarships to families as needed, help with our Snack Bar, and so much more!  

All proceeds go to programs supported by: Oakmont Parents Club & Oakmont Boosters, and Oakmont Performing Arts


 1.  Play Bingo to benefit Oakmont! 


Join OHS EVERY Saturday @ Grand Oaks Bingo Hall, 7919 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights, 95610

Speed Games @ 10:00am

Early Bird Bingo @ 10:30am

Regular Bingo @ 11:00am

2.  Volunteers:  We need 7 OPC Parents, 52 weeks out of the year, to cover the following Bingo Positions:

SPECIAL GAMES:  Sit behind a counter and sell “flash cards”. These game cards sell for $1 each. You simply count out the number of cards that the customer wishes to buy and collect the payment from them. Later in the session, you may be asked to walk the floor for a short time to sell any remaining flash cards and other paper games. You just need a smile and the ability to count change back. The person in the manager position typically stays behind the counter the entire session and is responsible for balancing-out the cash receipts after all the flash cards are sold.

FLOOR HOST: This position starts in the morning at 9:30am, with games beginning at 10:00am. You are responsible for verifying Bingos and assisting customers if they have issues with their electronic BINGO machine, etc. One Floor Host will have the responsibility for counting-out the cash winnings to the lucky winners. At the end of our session, you will pick-up all the gaming machines, place them in the re-chargers and make sure the hall is tidy and ready for the group that operates the evening session. These positions require being on your feet much of the session but there are opportunities to sit down intermittently. You just need a smile and the ability to verify numbers.

CASHIER:  You are the first point-of-contact for our BINGO customers. Players “buy-in” for $25 and receive an electronic gaming machine with 144 Bingo cards. Customers also have the opportunity to purchase additional games that are electronically loaded into their game machine, as well as a few more games that are played on paper. We have easy to use touch-screen cash registers. It may take cashiering for a session or 2 to really get the hang of it but, it’s not difficult. The Cash Controller and the other Cashiers are there to help “newbies”. You just need a smile and the ability to count change back.

Thank you for your continued support!!

Questions regarding any of the above? Please contact Celestine or Lechelle at opab.bingoscheduler@gmail.com.